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Three disciplines, one focus with our comprehensive personal triathlon programmes with support from experts and like minded peers.

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Lifestyle & Testing

Testing and consultation services at our state of the art fitness lab for athletes tracking progress, general health and weight loss.

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Quality Over Quantity

With limited time to train each week, knowing what to do and how hard to work is crucial to maximising the time you invest. Monitoring heart rate is the best way we know to ensure that you are working to a level that is suitable to you and maximising the time you spend training.

Because heart rate corresponds to various physiological markers of metabolic activity and responds to changes in fitness and other factors like weather, terrain, hydration, stress levels and more, you can be sure that you are working as hard as you need to to achieve results without compromising your ability to recover.

Runner, Romain Chanu

I was training hard and making some progress on my own but after optimising my training with Coached, I have improved my marathon from 3:45 to 3:01.


Triathlete, Ed Clarke

Coached has helped me to improve consistently, finish Ironman and lose close to 10kg without smashing myself in training on a regular basis.


Runner, Audrey Koh

I used to find running hard and I didn’t enjoy it. Training with Coached has really helped me to enjoy running.



Change The Way You Train

There’s no quick fix but we show you how to train easy, and enjoy the process with continuous improvement and lasting results.

Running Programmes

Heart rate based running programmes for beginner and seasoned runners.

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Triathlon Programmes

Sprint to Ironman, you’ll be prepared with our heart rate based triathlon programmes.

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