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Coached personal training programmes make training enjoyable and offer proven results.


How Coached Works

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It starts with a plan

Coached will assess your background, current fitness, goals and schedule to create a training plan that’s uniquely yours.

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Log your training sessions

Easily log your completed training sessions for our coaches to review. Log manually, or connect your devices with our integrations to Strava and MapMyRun.

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Get feedback and support

Experienced coaches read your comments, answer your questions and generally have your back. You’re also supported by a team of athletes just like you.

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Learn from our resources

Packed with articles, videos, courses and FAQ, our curated library will teach you how to become a better, healthier and smarter athlete.

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Achieve your goal

Most Coached athletes report a significant improvement in performance and a lower rate of injury. Try Coached FREE for 14-days and see how we can help you.

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Coached Training Memberships

No matter your fitness level, we have a programme for you

Running Programmes

5km to Marathon

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running 5km or a marathon, you’ll get a personal training plan that will progressively prepare you for the demands of your race.

SG$49 per month

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Triathlon Programmes

Sprint to Ironman

Whether you’re racing a sprint triathlon or an Ironman, you’ll get a personal training plan that will get you to the finish line quickly and in good condition.

SG$99 per month

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Why Coached?

Data-driven training plans

With a rich history in our lab and a growing database of client test results and training logs, we continually measure and refine the quality of our programmes. Our proprietary technology and evidence-based approach to the development of our training plans ensure a high calibre programme at a fair price.

Unique for you

Coached programmes are carefully tailored for each athlete based on your goal, training history, current fitness and time availability. Each training plan is meticulously pieced together and completely flexible so that it’s easy to adjust when life throws a curveball.

Stay injury-free

At Coached, we’re focused on keeping you healthy and injury free. All our programmes are prescribed by time and heart rate because this combination helps to balance the stress of training with the stress of life. It ensures you’re always training at an effort that is suitable for your current level of fitness.

Join thousands of others who get fitter, faster and healthier following our personal training programmes


Coached runner, romain trains for a marathon

“I was training hard and making some progress on my own but after optimising my training with Coached, I have improved my marathon from 3:45 to 3:01.”

What Coached Athletes Are Saying

Coached runner Riana, poses in the Coached Lab
“Training with Coached has not only made running enjoyable again, but it has also brought me sustainable, injury free, solid improvements.”

Riana Runner

“Since joining Coached, I have dropped my weight from 70 to 57kg and improved my marathon time from 5 to 4 hours in 12 months. I love the programme’s ability to tailor a cohesive, holistic training plan based on my fitness level, available time and race schedule.”

Ming Runner

“Iʼve come a long way with Coached. Various podium finishes and 4 Half Ironman’s under my belt. I’m now tackling my first full Ironman. Coached has helped me be very consistent in my training and improve my fitness level significantly. Way to go Coached!”

Jenny Triathlete

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Coached personal training programmes make training enjoyable and offer proven results.

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