April 4, 2019

Coached Partners With The KL Marathon

Coached partners with Standard Chartered KL Marathon to improve the training experience of their runners.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

KL Marathon start line

Running, Triathlon

April 2, 2019

Running Drills: 4 Great Drills That Improve Your Cadence

Running drills are used by many of the world's best runners and triathletes to improve their running form. See why and learn 4 running drills that help to improve your cadence.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

Coach demonstrating running drills

Running, Triathlon

March 19, 2019

Training Plans: 5 Reasons You Need One

Follow a well-crafted training plan and enjoy these five benefits as your train for your next running or triathlon race.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

Coached Training Plan

Running, Triathlon

March 5, 2019

How To Calculate Heart Rate Zones

If you want to train by heart rate, you need to know your heart rate zones. Use our free calculator to establish your heart rate zones the Coached way.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

Setting heart rate zones on a watch

Running, Triathlon

February 19, 2019

What Are The Best Running Surfaces?

There are many surfaces you can choose to run over. But which is best? In this post, we share the pros and cons of the most common running surfaces.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

Running over trails

Running, Triathlon

November 6, 2018

How To Run Injury Free

So many runners struggle with injury. Here are four specific things you can do to run injury free.

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Coached group run training session


October 23, 2018

Be Careful Who You Listen To

Training and racing advice is easy to find, and a lot harder to filter. Here's how to do it.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

Runner and Coach in the Coached Lab

Running, Triathlon

October 9, 2018

Why MAF Testing Is Useful (And How To Do It)

Developed by Dr Phil Maffetone, the MAF test is a useful test for tracking the development of your aerobic fitness. Here's how to do it.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

Female runner looking at her heart rate monitor

Running, Triathlon

August 28, 2018

Why Mileage Is Important (But Not That Important)

There’s more to running fast than the mileage you run. If you fixate on a specific session or weekly mileage target, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

Runner training on the roads of New Zealand

Running, Triathlon

August 14, 2018

Consistency Is The Ultimate Performance Enhancer

Consistency is the ultimate performance enhancer. When you apply these six strategies, you'll become a more consistent and faster athlete.

Ben PulhamHead Coach

Runner training on grass hills


July 31, 2018

Sleep Your Way To Better Performance

Good quality sleep is an often overlooked requirement for any athlete looking to perform at their potential in training and racing. Here's why!

Ben PulhamHead Coach