September 22, 2020

Improve Performance With Coached Group Training

Group training can be the motivational boost you need. When conducted by experienced and passionate coaches, it could take your performance up a level.

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During my racing days, I did a lot of my training in a group environment. I had training partners, joined swim squads, cycling clubs and running groups to complement the carefully structured training plan that my coach had prepared for me.

The training plan provided the framework for which I was to train within. I knew when I needed to train easy and when to train hard; when to do hills, or fartlek, or intervals. I then matched what my training plan was trying to achieve in a session, with suitable training partners or groups to help push me and for additional motivation.

Training in a group environment provides several benefits to an athlete, and I encourage you all to take advantage of it when the time is right.

Some groups are big, and some groups are small. Some are free, and others come at a cost. There are many great training groups to join.

As the founder of Coached, I believe our group training sessions are an excellent option for Singapore based athletes who want to improve their performance and learn how to train.

There are pros and cons to everything, though, so in this article, I’ll highlight the cons of group training, then share the pros of training with Coached.

The Downside Of Training With A Group

Scheduling Conflict

Most group training sessions happen at fixed locations at specific times. If you can’t make those times or get to the site, then you’ll miss out.

You Can Push Too Hard If You Let Ego Get In The Way

A group environment often makes you feel like you need to keep up. We all have an ego, myself included, and this can lead to problems. If you’re running to strict pace groups, for example, you may feel like you have to keep up and push too hard. When you go too hard, too often in training, you risk overtraining, poor performance, and injury.

Pay Lah

If the social aspect of group training is all you’re looking for, a free training group is probably the way to go. If on the other hand, you’re looking for structure, advice and support, you may want to consider a paid group.

Cut Race Times, Not Corners.

Racing at your potential and enjoying training is easy when you’re following the right programme.

The Benefits Of Training With A Coached Group

Led By Experienced And Passionate Coaches

Experienced and passionate coaches lead all Coached training sessions. They prescribe the session and give you detailed instruction on how they want you to execute it.

Depending on an individual’s current level of fitness or race schedule, they may adjust a session to meet the needs of an individual athlete.

As you complete your training, they’re cheerleaders who observe you and provide feedback when they see something that needs correction.

Structured Training Sessions

Coached training sessions are planned carefully in advance by our coaches. Training is progressive, and each session has a purpose.

We use a mix of heart rate, pace and RPE to ensure that each athlete is working at a level that is suitable for their current level of fitness, and best achieves the session objective.

At Coached, you train as an individual within a group environment.

Learn About Running And How To Train

The coaches speak with our athletes to teach them about the whys of the training they are doing and what they need to do to improve. We provide technical expertise and a holistic approach to improving performance.

No Ego

As I mentioned in the cons of group training, the ego can be a problem. At Coached, we check our ego at the door. We don’t celebrate the fastest athletes; we celebrate the athletes who do THEIR process well, regardless of their speed.

Motivation, Community, Networking

The combination of our coaches and the athletes who join us is powerful. Athletes have told us that our group sessions significantly boost motivation, and our community is a great place to network with like-minded people.


Do I have to have a Coached Training Plan to attend Coached group training?
Nope. Coached group training is open to any athlete who wants to better themselves and have some fun. You can pay as you go or buy a package to save some money.

What type of group training sessions do you offer?

Our regular schedule at the time of writing is;

  • Tue, 6:30 pm: Speed Run.
  • Thu, 6:45 am: Hill Run.
  • Fri, 7:05 am: Strength & Conditioning.
  • Sat, 2:30 pm: Imbalance Training.

We also host occasional clinics like open water swimming, brick training, and bike handling skills, for example.

Visit our group training page to learn more and see our most up to date schedule.

How much does a session cost?
Your first session is on us. Use code – TRIAL – when booking. After that, one-off sessions start at $20, and our packages start from $16 a session.

We’d Love To See You

While you don’t have to join a group to experience the benefits of training, a supportive group environment can provide the additional structure and motivational boost you’ve been looking for.

If you’d like to try a Coached group training session, we’d love to see ya.
The first session is on us. Use code – TRIAL – when you book your session.

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Ben Pulham

Ben Pulham is the founder of Coached, a personalised training programme that helps runners & triathletes optimise, track and enjoy their training.