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September 15, 2020

How To Hydrate Properly With Andy Blow [VIDEO]

Andy Blow of Precision Hydration

Every Saturday, Coached hosts a group video call for our athletes. We share updates, celebrate results, and answer athlete questions. Now and then, we invite a guest with expertise in a specific area to join our call and educate our team.

Recently, we had Andy Blow call in from a campsite in the UK, where he was enjoying the weekend with his family. Andy is the founder of Precision Hydration and is a wealth of knowledge for all athletes who want to hydrate optimally.

Rather than keep his words of advice to ourselves, I thought it would be worth sharing here.

In this video, Andy shares…

  • Why proper hydration is essential for athletes
  • Why you have to be careful of chronic dehydration
  • Why avoid overhydration
  • The effects of taking too much sodium
  • How long it takes your body to absorb sodium
  • How to plan hydration for training/racing in colder climates

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