Training Plans

Advanced Personalisation - All of Coached's training plans run off an advanced personal profiling system that ensures all the training that you do is suitable for your current ability and personalised to you. 

Intelligent Scheduling - Coached allows you to easily move your training sessions around. Useful when "life happens" or if you'd like to align each session with your mood and motivation. If you place sessions together that may compromise your training, Coached will warn you.


Performance Training Plans - Carefully structured and progressive training plans designed to have you in peak condition on race day.

Maintenance Training Plans - Simple training plans designed to help you maintain fitness in the out-season, recover from a race in-season or lose weight.


Secondary Races - Add tune up races into your training plan. Coached will update your training with just the right taper in and out of the race.

Tweak Your Plan - If you need to change how many sessions you do in a week or what days you do them, you can easily do so. This feature also allows triathletes to do sport specific focus periods throughout their training plan.


Detailed Training Prescription - Each session includes volume, intensity and instruction on other specifics to complete within the session. 

Coach Notes - Each training session comes with coach notes. These notes contain important information on how to execute the session or link to other resources or information that may be useful at the current point of your plan.


Heart Rate Training Zones - Your plan comes with personal heart rate training zones for each session. These are important because it's the intensity of training that determines the majority of the benefit you get.

Daily Training Emails - Receive a daily training email with your training for tomorrow, heart rate zones and progress update. Don't worry, you can easily turn this off if you don't like emails.


Week or Calendar View - By default, your training plan displays in week view. Switch to calendar view to see an overview of your training for the coming month.

Reset Your Plan - If your goals change, you can reset your training plan at any time and build a new one.

Training Log

Track Planned Versus Actual Training - Consistency is a key to endurance sport so we make it easy to track your progress. 

Sync Your Devices With Strava & Coached - Connect your Coached account to Strava and any training uploaded into Strava will transfer accross to Coached for easy logging against your training plan.


Log Manually - Manually add training sessions you've completed to Coached to track against against your training plan.

Import .GPX and .TCX Files - Import files into your log to track against your training plan.


Weekly Training Reports - Receive an email every Sunday with a status report of how your training is going, what's coming up next week and other useful info and stats.

Training Consistency Grade (TCG) - TCG is a measure of how consistent you're being against your training plan. When it's in the green, training is on track. When you're in the orange or red, you may be at risk of over-training or under-preparing.


Trend Sessions by Session Type - Filter your logged training sessions by type i.e. long run, to see how they're progressing over time.


Unlimited Coach Support - Your Coached membership comes with unlimited 'athlete initiated' coach support via the community forums.

Help Centre - While the site is very easy to use, you can find instructions on how to use it in our Help Centre.


Articles - Coached has a growing library of curated content designed to teach, guide and empower you to become a smarter athlete.

Video Instruction - View videos for all key exercises and drills within our training plans. 


Community Answers - Coached provides a community-driven forum where you can easily find information and answers to all your questions, or pose a question of your own to be answered by our Coached experts.

Connections - Connect with a teammate to subscribe to their Coached activity and get updates on their training progress, posts and more.