Fuel Efficiency Testing

Fuel Efficiency Testing

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The ability to burn fat and use it for fuel has a wide application that is important for any person serious about being lean, healthy, energetic and fast.

The fuel efficiency test is a metabolic test that measures the percentage of fat and carbohydrate you're burning at different intensities.

The results allow our consultants to determine your ideal fat burning heart rate zone and to recommend exercise and nutritional strategies that will improve your natural ability to burn fat.

Who It’s For


Benefit from becoming better at generating energy from fat.


60 minutes

including testing and consultation when completed on the treadmill.

90 minutes

including testing and consultation when completed on the bike.


Run (60 mins)


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Bike (90 mins)


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Fuel efficiency testing at Coached Lab

The Test Process

The test can be conducted on our treadmill or on your own bicycle using our computrainer. The test protocol will be determined by our consultants based on your current ability and goals.

During the test, participants will complete a submaximal ramp test (gradually increasing in speed / power) wearing a mask that measures the ratio between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

At the end of your test, your consultant will spend considerable time with you explaining the results, their application and what you need to do to achieve the results you want.

How to Prepare

To maximise your test experience, it is important that you follow these basic instructions...

  • No food or drink (except water) for at least 4 hours before your test
  • No or light training the day prior to your test
  • No training the day of your test
  • Come well hydrated (water only prior to testing)
  • Please arrive in comfortable sports attire – shorts, t-shirt or singlet, shoes

"The fuel efficiency test has changed the way I think about food and fuelling. Since doing the test I have lost 8 kg and improved my marathon time by an hour. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve their racing weight, become a more efficient runner, and better understand the real impact of their food choices."

Coached runner, Ming