Who It’s For

The ability to efficiently clear lactate is an important physiological requirement for all endurance athletes, including …

Runners ● Triathletes ● Cyclists ● Cross Country Skiers ● Rowers
And more

The Test Process

Lactate testing can be conducted on our treadmill or on your own bicycle using our computrainer. The test protocol will be determined by your consultant based on your current ability and goals.

During the test, participants will complete 5 stages at increasing intensities with blood samples being taken in between stages to measure lactate levels in the blood.

At the end of your test, your consultant will spend considerable time with you explaining your lactate curve, your threshold, heart rate zones and their application to your training.


60 minutes including testing and consultation when completed on the treadmill.
90 minutes including testing and consultation when completed on the computrainer.

How To Prepare

To maximise your test experience, it’s important that you follow these basic instructions

No or light training the day prior to your test
No training the day of your test
Come well hydrated
Please arrive in comfortable sports attire – shorts, t-shirt or singlet, shoes
If you’re completing the test on the computrainer, you’ll need to bring your bicycle and related clothing and accessories.

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