Sweat Testing

Sweat Testing

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Precision Hydration

Being (and staying) well hydrated is crucial for performing at your potential and avoiding cramps.

The amount of sweat /sodium you lose can vary up to 15 times between seemingly similar individuals.

This means that a 'one-size-fits-all', off the shelf approach, doesn't work when it comes to hydration.

In partnership with Precision Hydration, we offer advanced sweat testing, personalised hydration planning and a mix of products that meet your individual needs.

Who It’s For


If you suffer regularly from cramps or are looking to perform better in training and competition, then our sweat test will benefit you.


45 minutes

including testing and consultation



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Sweat testing at Coached lab

The Test Process

Sweat testing and consultation only takes 45-minutes and all you have to do is sit comfortably, whilst we talk to you about how you train and compete.

The test is simple, painless, and extremely accurate.

With results in hand, we'll advise you on when, what and how much to drink before, during and after training and competitions so that you're well equipped to achieve your goals.

How to Prepare

To maximise your test experience, it is important that you follow these basic instructions...

  • Come well hydrated

  • Wear clothing that allows us to access your forearm

Sweat testing and the proposed hydration strategy has worked wonders. My last couple of long runs using the strategy have felt so much better and I could push harder and didnʼt get the same horrid fatigue I usually experience. Woohoo!

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