Before You Test

You notice you sweat a lot and wonder how it’s impacting your training and racing. You drink sports drinks, but don’t know which ones are best or how much to drink. Maybe you suffer from cramps or struggle to perform in hot climates.

After You Test

You know the genetically determined amount of sodium you lose per litre of sweat and how it’s impacting your performance. You have a clear hydration strategy that you can use to improve the quality of your training and performance in competition.

Here's How
We Do It

In partnership with Precision Hydration, our advanced sweat test measures the sodium
concentration you lose in your sweat. The sodium you lose is a genetic number that can
vary up to 15 times between seemingly similar individuals, and will not change.


This test is non-invasive, and no exercise is required. During the test, we place nodes on
your forearm to stimulate your sweat glands. Your sweat is captured and run through our
analyser to determine your sodium loss.


We use the data collected during the test to determine a detailed hydration strategy you
can follow to ensure you’re well-hydrated in training and competition, minimise your risk
of cramp, and boost performance.


To learn more, read: A Simple Guide To Sweat Testing.

Duration And Pricing


45-minutes, including consultation


Ready To Get Started?

How To Prepare

To maximise your test experience, you must follow these basic instructions…

  • Come well hydrated.
  • Wear clothing that allows us to access your forearm.
  • Bring any information (electrolyte breakdown) about your current electrolyte products you may use.