Coached Running Sessions



When you sign up for a Coached Sessions membership you gain everything you need to develop your abilities in the sport of running. Not only do you gain access to 2 in-person group training sessions each week, you'll also receive access to our revolutionary online training platform where you can build your personal training plan and track your progress; interact with your coaches and teammates and learn from our growing video and article library. 


  • Personal training plan
  • Training log and analytics
  • Weekly training report
  • Strava integration
  • 24/7 coach & team support
  • Video and article library


  • 2 weekly run sessions
  • High quality instruction and feedback from experienced coaches



Tuesdays 7:00pm
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Coached hill runs are designed to build power and strength endurance. The intensity of the sessions will change throughout the season depending on your race schedule and your ability level and goals.



Thursdays 7:00pm
Kallang Practice Track

Coached track sessions include a mix of technical, strength and interval sessions depending on the local race schedule and your ability level and goals.



MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP - only $89 /month

  • 2 weekly group training sessions
  • Online training programme and support
  • Subsidised equipment hire, events, camps and workshops
  • Monthly automatic recurring payment

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP - only $890 /year

  • 2 weekly group training sessions
  • Online training programme and support
  • Subsidised equipment hire, events, camps and workshops
  • Recurring annual payment paid upfront


Membership & Payment FAQ

How can I join the programme?

Click Join Now above to make payment and activate your membership.

What happens after I pay and activate my membership?

After you pay you will immediately be given access to the Coached training platform. Here you can build your personal training plan for your next race, access our library of resources and begin to interact with your teammates and our coaches. 

You'll also receive an email with the group training session schedule and you are free to begin attending the two weekly training sessions.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time easily within Coached on your Membership page. When you cancel your membership, you'll retain access to the Coached training platform and Sessions until the end of your billing term where you will lose access to both.

What if I am on an annual membership and I get injured or pregnant etc?

We will review these situations on a case by case basis and put a hold on your membership where we believe it to be warranted.

Training & Programme FAQ

Do I have to have a heart rate monitor?

You don't have to own a heart rate monitor but the use of one is necessary during all running sessions. If you don't own one, you will be required to rent one from us. They are available for rent at $10 /session.

Why is a heart rate monitor required for your sessions?

Heart rate is an objective measure of effort so it allows our coaches to provide you with precise instructions on how hard to work. It also allows our coaches to determine whether you are pushing too hard or not hard enough ensuring you always achieve the goals of the session. 

If I become a member am I required to join every training session during the week?

We know you're balancing training with work, your family and social commitments and understand that it is not always possible to attend all sessions. This is where the Coached training platform becomes a huge asset. You'll have a personal training plan and access to our support team for when you can't make the in-person training sessions.