December 1, 2020

Coached Answers Runner Questions Ahead Of The Singapore Marathon

Coach Ben answers questions for his runners

I’ve been working with the Singapore Marathon, in some capacity, for the last decade. I’m a big supporter of the race and enjoy helping the athletes who participate.

When Ironman, the race organiser, asked if I’d be keen to answer some runner-submitted questions on Facebook Live, I said, “sure”.

Last Wednesday, I grabbed Coach Jim and we logged on and answered a range of questions that runners were struggling with.

In case you missed it, you can watch it below.

Questions Answered

Runners submitted all questions via the Singapore Marathon Instagram page.

Q1. Any fuelling tips for during and after half marathon run?
Q2. What are some easy and flat routes to complete a 10KM?
Q3. What’s the best time of the day to run?
Q4. How do you improve your stride for long-distance running?
Q5. How many months ahead should I train for a half marathon?
Q6. How do I run if I have two left feet?
Q7. To what extent should you practise carbo-loading? And how much more carbo exactly?
Q8. How do you stay disciplined to get much-needed rest for recovery?
Q9. What is the preparation of a marathon like?
Q10. What advice would you have for someone in their late 50s to pick up running?
Q11. Virtual runs are not the same as physical events, why should runners even participate, much less pay for it?
Q12. If I’m injured, but I want to run, should I make an attempt?
Q13. What are some great ‘on the spot’ tips for various injuries? (i.e. rolled ankle, cramps, muscle tear, stitches)
Q14. Is there a standard running posture?

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