Providing highly personalised customer service is our top priority. You can write to us at [email protected] or message us at  +65 8668 6258. You can also find us on Instagram.


Take a minute to reach out – we’d love to hear from you.


Unlike most other coaches and programmes, we offer a free trial and do not lock our athlete’s into a fixed term. We offer a monthly membership and an annual membership where you get two months for free. You may cancel any membership easily at any time from your membership page of the Coached training platform.

All of our memberships come with unlimited email and in-app messaging with our coaches. If you’d like to speak with your coaches, you can also book a 15-min video call, or buy a consultation – an affordable add on to your membership.

The coaches oversee all training sessions coming into Coached from our athletes and will like a session or comment when we feel it’s needed. We also answer all questions you send us via email and in-app message. We do not include detailed review and feedback in our standard membership; however, you can buy an add on to your membership to get more support and feedback.

No, not at all. The majority of our members have never done lab testing and achieve great results. If you don’t do testing, we use formulas and field testing to establish training zones and to track progress.

The lab testing allows us to optimise your training, nutrition and fuelling further, and it helps you to understand your current physical condition and why your programme is structured the way that it is.

No, you don’t have to use a HRM, but we recommend it for some sessions.


Heart rate, along with power and pace, is a useful way for us to prescribe intensity to our athletes. Heart rate is also helpful in showing the physiological response to your training and how you are recovering.


All our training plans use rate of perceived exertion (RPE), pace, power, and heart rate zones to prescribe intensity within a session.

There is no minimum fitness level required to start our training programmes. Each programme is custom-built based on your goals, athletic background, current fitness level and time availability.

On top of that, we use time to prescribe our training which helps to self-correct for different levels of fitness. When you’re unfit, you’ll cover less mileage in the stated time than someone who is well-conditioned.

Not at this time. To use our online coaching services, you must be at least 18-years old. We sometimes make exceptions to this for high-performing athletes 16-years and up.

Coached Lab

Our lab is located centrally at 160 Robinson Road, 03-08 SBF Medical Suites, Singapore 068914.

Please note that we’re open by appointment only so it is best to contact us before coming down.



EW15 Tanjong Pagar, Exit F


Bus stop no. 03111 (aft Capital Tower)

SBF Center, 160 Robinson Rd, S068914
GB Building, 143 Cecil Street, S069542
Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, S068912

That depends on your goal. If you’re not sure which test will be most useful, please drop us an email at [email protected] and let us know your goals. From there, we’ll be happy to recommend the best service for you.

Like a doctor uses an x-ray or a CT scan to look into your body and make a diagnosis, we use sports science testing to look into your body and to see how efficient it is working. Based on the results, we can optimise the way you train, eat and live, and very accurately track your progress.

There are no minimum fitness level requirements to do testing. Our experienced consultants will establish a test protocol that is suitable for your current level of fitness.

That depends on your goal and baseline results. Typically we recommend our runners and triathletes to do a follow up 3 – 4 months after their baseline test. For people with weight loss goals, it’s usually a little earlier.

After you book your test, we’ll send you a document outlining all pre-test instructions. For most tests, you need to come rested, so avoid intense or long training sessions the day before your test.

We don’t have a shower in our lab, but you can shower on level 9 at the pool changing room.

Please make sure you bring a towel and soap with you.

We accept cash, NETS, Visa, MasterCard and PayNow.

Our testing packages reward the number of tests you buy at a time.
Packages are valid for 12-months.

Two tests: 10% discount.
Three tests: 15% discount.
Four tests: 17.5% discount.
Five or more tests: 20% discount.

Coached athletes get an additional 5% discount on packages.  

If you have a coach who would like you to use a specific protocol, or you’re interested in a combined protocol, let us know the details, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


Depending on the requirements, we may have to adjust the price of your test.

We sure do. If you’re a coach who would like to get your athletes tested, get in touch and we’ll be happy to work with you.

The length of your appointment will depend on the specific test you are coming for.

  • Run lactate, metabolic, and VO2max test appointments are 60-minutes.

  • Bike lactate, metabolic, and VO2max test appointments are 90-minutes.

  • Sweat test appointments are 45-minutes.

  • RMR test appointments are 45-minutes.

  • Skinfold test appointments are 30-minutes.

We are located at 160 Robinson Road, #03-08, SBF Medical Suites.

Parking is available in the following buildings:


  • SBF Center, 160 Robinson Rd, S068914

  • GB Building, 143 Cecil Street, S069542

  • Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, S068912

Not at this time. To use our testing services, you must be at least 16-years old. If you are under 18 years old, a legal guardian must accompany you and sign our waiver.

Group Classes

Sure! Use code TRIAL when signing up for your first session, or drop us an email at [email protected] and let us know which session you’d like to join. We look forward to meeting you soon.


Please note that trial sessions are not available for Military Bootcamps.

Your first session is 50% off. Use code TRIAL when booking.

After that, single sessions start from $25, or you can purchase a package to reduce the cost per session.

Our group training sessions cater to athletes of all abilities. While we all train in a group environment, every athlete trains to their unique heart rates and paces to ensure they do the right training for them.

Some are faster, others slower, but that doesn’t matter. At Coached, we celebrate process, not speed. You earn the respect of the coaches and teammates by doing what’s right for you regardless of the speed.

The start time of your session will depend on the specific session you are doing. Please check our schedule for details on start times. We recommend you arrive at least 5-minutes before the start time of your session.

Yes! We train because it can rain on race day too and you should be prepared. Unless there is lightning, the session will proceed as planned, although sometimes we may alter the planned session. In the event of rain, please come with a towel and some dry clothes to put on afterwards. We don’t want you to catch a chill. In the rare event of lightning, we will cancel the session from the venue.

Yes. Our $350 training package expires after 270 days.