Before Coached

Your training is based on snippets of articles, blogs and books. You’re not
sure how to structure things, so you make it up as you go and are often tired.
Results are hard to come by, and injuries often get in the way of progress.

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After Coached

You have a plan, and you know the purpose of each session. You enjoy training
and execute each session with confidence, knowing that if you have questions,
you have coaches and teammates behind you ready to help.

Here's How
We Do It


Exceptional Training For Every Athlete

Coached online training plans
Strategic Season Planning

Our coaches create a season plan that structures your training around your planned races and goals. You’ll know when you’ll focus on a race-specific training plan, and when you’ll recover and maintain your fitness with a maintenance plan.

Great Training Plans

All Coached athletes build a personalised training plan. Whether you’re newbie or aiming for a Boston Marathon or Hawaii Ironman slot, training for a race, or simply wish to maintain fitness, Coached provides you with a carefully structured and detailed training plan.

Integrated  Strength Training

Strength is an essential ingredient for all endurance athletes. All Coached programmes have integrated strength training and our library is full of detailed strength training sets and videos for you to choose from.

Make Changes With Ease

Let’s face it; there’s lots of sh*t you need to get done each week and training is just one of those things. Life happens, and we understand that. You tell Coached how many times you want to train each week, and what days you want to do each session. If things come up or your plans change, you can easily adjust your training. If it’s major, our coaches are there to help you.

Heart Rate AND Pace/Power

Most athletes prefer to train by pace/power OR heart rate. At Coached, we advocate a hybrid approach. You train by heart rate during low-intensity sessions and to pace/power for race-specific training. This best-of-both-worlds approach ensures the work gets done, while carefully balancing fatigue and the risk of injury.

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Coaches Monitor Your Training Sessions

If a session looks good, we’ll give you a like. When we see something that doesn’t look right or needs your attention, we’ll comment. You can also comment on your training sessions to provide context. For example, why you cut a session short or ran harder than prescribed.

Unlimited Email & In-App Messaging

If you’ve been feeling under the weather, are wondering what to eat, what shoes to buy or have questions about your training, our small team of passionate coaches is just an email or in-app message away. Unlike some coaches, we do not limit how many times you contact us in a week. If you have a question, you need an answer, and we’ll make sure you get it.

Community Calls

Coached is more than a training programme; it’s a virtual team. Every Saturday, join your coaches and teammates on Zoom. We share updates, athlete results, chat and answer questions. It’s great fun! If you miss it, we upload the video and a podcast of the session so you can listen to it during your next session.

Telegram Group

The team Telegram group connects everybody. Chat with your teammates, share updates and useful articles you’ve read. If you’re struggling for motivation, the team is happy to provide you with a nudge in the right direction.

Coach Calls

Our coaches have dedicated hours scheduled for 1:1 Zoom calls with our athletes each week. Book a call every 4 – 6 weeks to chat with a coach about your training, race strategy, progress, nutrition, or anything else on your mind.


A Well-Rounded Training Programme

Besides exceptional training and enthusiastic support, we provide comprehensive guides in all important areas of preparation, ensuring you perform at your potential.
Coached training programmes

Mental strength and resilience are just as important as physical conditioning. We teach simple tactics for improving your mental game and managing pain.


Learn to fuel your body correctly so that you can improve fat burning, lower inflammation and recover optimally from training and racing.


Performance is found in the balance of stress and rest. Our programmes have a strong focus on recovery so that your performance and health are never compromised.


Many athletes get fit only to blow it on race day. Use our race execution strategies to maximise fitness on race day and perform at your potential when it matters most.

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Athletes Change For The Better
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Runners and triathletes around the world train with Coached to
fundamentally improve their training and racing.

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“Coached and their training plans should be the main tool amateur athletes use for creating and shaping a programme that produces results. I followed their coaching and breezed through my first Ironman.”


“I have been training with Coached since October 2018. Since then, I achieved several PB’s and my weight loss goal. The training plan is flexibile and it fits into my schedule.”


“Coached has helped me rediscover the joy of running again. Through their structured yet flexible training plan, I run injury-free, more efficiently, and have achieved some huge PBs at various distances. This is a personal breakthrough for me as I had given up running six years ago after my knee surgery.”

Hear from many more athletes about what’s changed for the better since they got Coached.