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Racing at your potential and enjoying running is easy when you’re doing it right.

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Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned runner looking to qualify for Boston, Coached personal training programmes will teach you how to train correctly, track your progress and run to your potential without smashing your body which may lead to injuries and overtraining.


Setup your plan in minutes. All plans are unique and tailor-made based on your goals, background, current fitness and schedule.


Available from 5k to Marathon our plans provide detailed and clear instruction with volume, intensity, specifics and coach notes for each session.


Don’t let life get in your way. Easily adjust training days and add or remove races from your training programme.


Log your runs to track your progress and receive weekly training reports and automated feedback on how you’re progressing.

Coach Ben Pulham

“Training doesn’t have to be a chore and running doesn’t have to be hard all the time. Our comprehensive programmes are built to optimise every session you do. Rather than pushing harder to go faster, we train you to become more efficient. We’ll help to make you faster at the same heart rate and in the process, lower your chances of getting sick or injured.”

Coach Ben

A Well-Rounded Training Programme

Besides a personal training plan, comprehensive guides in all important areas of preparation are provided, ensuring you perform at your potential.


Mental strength and resilience is just as important as physical conditioning. Learn simple tactics for improving your mental game and managing pain.


Learn to fuel your body correctly so that you can improve fat burning, lower inflammation and recover optimally from training and racing.


Running performance is the result of balance between stress and rest. Our programmes have a strong focus on recovery so that your performance and health is never compromised.


Many runners get fit only to blow it on race day. Use our race execution strategies to maximise fitness on race day and perform at your potential when it really matters.

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Supported Like the Pros

Coached team of coaches and specialists

Coaches and Specialists

Our coaches are experienced and have raced at the highest level. They’re passionate about helping you achieve the best of which you’re capable and are available to answer your questions and provide feedback.

Complementing our coaches, we have specialists in nutrition, mental conditioning, injury prevention and rehab that support our members.

Join the Community

Coached is full of passionate athletes just like you who are here to support you, share their experiences and keep you motivated to prepare.

Online discussion in the Coached app about Tokyo Marathon

Here’s What You Get


  • Bespoke running training plan
  • Easily reschedule sessions to suit schedule
  • Detailed coach notes for each session
  • Personal heart rate training zones
  • Add and manage secondary races
  • Daily training emails


  • Live coach calls
  • Coaching support to keep you on track
  • Training analytics
  • Connect with like-minded teammates


  • Curated article library
  • Engaging video library
  • Detailed FAQ archive

14-day free trial

Then only SG$49 / month

Supercharge Your Programme

Group Run Training

An add on to our online training programme and only available in Singapore, join two weekly training sessions alongside our coaches and like-minded teammates.


Coached Lab

What gets measured gets managed, so at Coached Lab we offer professional diagnosis with results that let you further optimise your training and track your progress.


We've Coached hundreds of runners to new personal bests from 5km to the marathon

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Learning about heart rate training zones was the turnaround point for me. Since joining Coached and putting into practice the things that Iʼve learned, I have improved my half marathon time from 2:13 to 1:51. I am not only faster, but I am healthier and
fitter too.

Coached runner, Mandy


After 3 months of Coached training I took 4 minutes off my best half marathon time. I have since improved my marathon time and qualified for Boston.

Coached runner, Jason


After suffering many injuries and struggling to perform, Coached has transformed me. Iʼm no longer injured and I‘ve dropped my marathon time from 4:17 to 3:50. All in just 6 months.

Coached runner, Raymon