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Coached Race 6.0 – The Final One?

Last weekend we hosted our sixth edition of Coached Race. These races are small, no-frills events for athletes we coach that we started in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Since the start, we’ve hosted various distances from 10k to marathon. We even offered a trail run.

With easing restrictions and more races joining the calendar in Singapore and around the world, I can’t help but wonder if this one was our last race. I hope so.

For this edition of our race, we offered two distances – 10km and a half marathon – run around Marina Bay.

The post-race celebration happened via Zoom, where we shared the results and awarded the prizes via a lucky draw kindly sponsored by our friends at Hydragun, nötter, The Foot Practice), and Under Armour.

Here’s how the race went …

The Results

Post-race, we always ask our athletes to answer a short survey to share their results and experience. I’ve plucked out some non-personal results, and here they are.


Most of our runners chose to run the 10km, with a respectable number in the half marathon. The half marathon numbers were higher in the weeks leading in; however, several athletes had to pull out due to illness or changes in travel schedules.


With significantly more important races now on the calendar, this race was a “for shits and giggles” event for most athletes. 41.4% still wanted to run well and took a short taper leading into the run. For a few, this was an A-Race.

For most, this race was a B or C-race, meaning it was a secondary priority and of minimal importance. Most runners either trained through the event or had a short taper to freshen up a little.

I am happy that the few runners who had this as an A-Race and did a full taper all managed to run a personal best time. The rest ran strong.

In this case, on a scale of 1 = gutted to 5 = stoked, most of our runners were pretty satisfied with their performance.

Racing is a skill, and like any skill, you must practice it to improve your ability. Overall, our team executed pretty well across the board. The pre-race meal still seems to be the aspect that most people struggle with so we’ll continue to work on that with the team.

What’s Next?

Time will tell. If races continue to come back, there will be no need for our little events, and that’s obviously the hope.

We have enjoyed hosting these events and getting to know our athletes better so maybe we’ll do one each year just for fun. Who knows?

If you’re keen to train and race with us, sign up for a 14-day free trial and see if we’re a good fit for you.

Coached Race 6.0. A Few Pics

Thanks to everyone who participated.