Before You Test

You wonder whether your body is good at burning fat. Perhaps you store fat easily or have unstable energy levels. Maybe you’re an endurance athlete who regularly ‘hits the wall’ in races, struggles with race fuelling or wants to become fat adapted.

After You Test

You know where your body is getting its energy from in each of the training zones. You know how efficient you are at utilising fat for fuel and have a clear understanding of how to improve that ability so that you can easily lose excess body fat, effectively fuel your races, and go faster for longer, with less reliance on external sources of energy.

Here's How
We Do It

The Metabolic Test is a metabolic efficiency test that measures how your body is using its energy during

During the test, participants will complete a ramp test, on a treadmill or their bicycle, while wearing a
mask to measure ventilation, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration of the inhaled and exhaled air.

We use the data collected during the test to determine your fuel utilisation in each of your training
zones. We then identify your fatmax, the exercise point at which fat burning peaks, and your crossover
point, the exercise point where you transition from burning primarily fat to carbohydrate.

These points are essential for determining the state of your metabolic condition and making necessary
recommendations about how you can optimise your training, diet and lifestyle so that you lose excess
body fat, and improve endurance performance.

Duration And Pricing


60-minutes, including consultation



60-minutes, including consultation



See The Improvement

When you eat the right foods and optimise your training, improvements in fat burning follow. You see these improvements in our lab, as an increase in fat burning (fat max), and in the increasing intensity where you can burn fat (crossover point).

In practical terms, you see these changes as a reduction of body fat, more stable energy levels, and increased endurance performance.

Ready To Get Started?

How To Prepare

To maximise your test experience, you must follow these basic instructions…

  • No food or drink (except water) for at least six hours before your test.
  • No or light training the day before your test.
  • No training the day of your test.
  • Come well hydrated and avoid caffeine and other stimulants that can affect your heart rate.
  • Please arrive in comfortable sports attire – shorts, t-shirt or singlet, shoes.
  • If you’re completing the test on the bike, you’ll need to bring your bicycle and related clothing and accessories.