Before You Test

You see your weight on the scales, but know that’s reflecting fat mass, muscle mass, water content, bone mass and skin. You want to know how much fat you’re carrying, and whether you’re maintaining healthy body composition.

After You Test

You know how much fat you currently store on your body and whether you are within an optimal range for achieving your health and performance goals.

Here's How
We Do It

Skinfold testing reveals true markers for success in your weight management and fitness
programmes by measuring your progress in replacing fat with lean muscle mass.



During the test, a consultant will measure eight sites around your body using callipers. The sum
of these eight sites will determine your body fat percentage. The sum of skinfolds has a strong
(~0.9) correlation to body fat percentage, and this number can be easily tracked over time and is
a far more reliable measure than weight.

Duration And Pricing


45-minutes, including consultation


Ready To Get Started?

See The Improvement

When you eat and exercise in the right way, improvements in your body composition follow. You see
these improvements as a reduction in the sum of Skinfolds.

How To Prepare

To maximise your test experience, you must follow these basic instructions…

  • For females, the appropriate attire should be a racer-back / halter running top and running shorts (to facilitate shoulder blade and thigh skinfold measurements).
  • For males, your regular running or cycling attire is fine.